Monday, September 5, 2011

East Coast Summer - Part 4

East Coast Summer - Part 3

East Coast Summer - Part 2

East Coast Summer - Part 1

We have had a great summer in our new home. We are still going to Little Gym, and we kicked off the summer by graduating from the Beasts class. We are now in the Super Beasts class and will stay there this fall. We got to spend a lot more time outside this summer than we did last summer because it is not as hot here as it was in Rockwall. In fact we only topped 100 degrees one day this summer. We really got to enjoy the play house that Daddy built for us, and we had lots of different friends come to visit us to play. Our cousins came to visit a few times and Nana and Louisa stayed with us for 2 weeks.

In late June our Pop-Pop moved to a new home really close to us, so now we get to see him all the time. He likes to read us stories and watch us play, but we have to watch the Phillies instead of Dora or Diego when he is visiting. Maybe we'll start liking baseball someday, but we definitely don't like it yet. Another fun thing about Pop-Pop is that he's kind of a messy eater too, so we don't feel so bad when we spill things during dinner with him. The puppies really like that too. Mommy says he was a messy eater when she was a little girl too.

August was a very interesting month for us because I (Katy) got really sick and had to go to the 'doctor's house' (St. Christopher's Hospital for Children). I was admitted for 3 days because I had Fifth's Disease and Pneumonia. I didn't enjoy my stay at all even though people were really nice to me and took good care of me. Tori seemed to like it since she got to play with the toys people brought to my room, she got to talk to the people who came to visit me and Mommy and Daddy, and she got Daddy all to herself at night while Mommy and I stayed at the Hospital. They did take really good care of me though, and I am fully recovered. After I got home, I told Mommy that 'I scream at the workers' and 'I scream at the doctors'. I also said that 'the bed at the doctor's house goes up and down'.

Towards the end of the month we had some really odd occurrences including an earthquake and a hurricane. Memi and Popi and their son Zach were staying with us during the hurricane. They are so much fun to play with and brought us lots of great dress-up clothes including tiaras and princess slippers. We went with them to get our first cheesesteaks at Geno's just as the hurricane was beginning to hit.

We also got to take our first trip to the beach. We went to Long Beach Island, NJ with Mommy and Daddy. I (Katy) love the ocean and wanted to splash in the waves and run in and out of the surf all day long, but I (Tori) preferred to stay dry and play in the sand. We both loved the pool at the hotel, and we really enjoyed our ice cream cones. I (Tori) especially enjoyed getting messy with my chocolate ice cream cone. We went to the Fantasy Island amusement park one night, and we had a great time on the carousel. We went on the swings, but I (Tori) was a bit scared while I (Katy) had fun and was kicking my legs the whole time. We went on a fun train with Mommy, and I (Katy) went on the ferris wheel with Daddy. I told Mommy that the ferris wheel went 'up and down and up and down'.

I (Tori) became quite the storyteller this summer. Most of my stories begin 'one upon a time' and end 'that's the end of the story'. My best story goes like this:

'One upon a time there was a princess in a castle. Then the big bad wolf come and try to blow her castle down. She wave her magic wand, and the 3 little pigs came to save her. That's the end of the story'.

I have a lot of other stories that are variations on that one, but most of my stories include a big bad wolf and 3 little pigs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long Time, No Write - Part 4

Long Time, No Write - Part 3

Long Time, No Write - Part 2

Long Time, No Write - Part 1

We have been really busy the last few months and haven't had much time to write. We just realized that we didn't even share our Easter Egg Hunt photos yet. We had an awesome time on Easter, and it was so much fun to find the eggs. We had different tactics. I (Katy) ran all over the yard picking up all the eggs I could find, but I (Tori) only picked up one or two eggs and wanted to explore what was inside them. At the end, we sat down to count our eggs, and I (Tori) took about half of the eggs out of Katy's basket. I just didn't want to do the work of picking up the eggs initially.

We finally went to the Please Touch Museum which is so much fun and is completely set up for kids. We had to bring Mommy and Daddy with us, and we think they had fun too. We really enjoyed the supermarket, but we didn't really like putting the food back after we checked out. Daddy got us a membership, so now we can go whenever we want. Our favorite part of the museum (or movie-um as we like to call it) is the carousel. We like to ride on the horsies, the bunnies and the kitties.

Our hair is finally long enough so we can put it up in antennas. My (Tori's) hair is longer than Katy's, but both of our hair has grown a lot recently. We always pull the rubber bands out of our hair at naptime, but we think we look cute regardless of whether our hair is up or down.

We also like to spend time in Alverthorpe Park, which is near our house. It has walking trails, a pond, a cool playground and even a wading pool. We haven't tried the wading pool yet, but we do like to go swimming at our summer camp. Camp is a lot of fun, and we're still going to Adath Jeshurun. They had a carnival this summer, and we got our faces painted and rode ponies. That was a fun day, but every day at camp is fun, especially if we go swimming.

We both like to hear Berenstain Bear and Little Critter books, and we are starting to get into Dr. Suess as well. I (Katy) can say my whole alphabet and can sing songs too. My favorite song to sing is 'Hush Little Baby'. I (Tori) like to play rocket ship with Daddy and see the space foxes when I walk on the moon. We both can do forward rolls and can walk on the wide balance beam at Little Gym all by ourselves. We practice our balance beam skills by walking on the curb in front of our neighbors' houses.